Sanger power is custom designed and built specifically for each model by Indmar Marine Motors. We choose each motor for the application, whether you’re Surfing, Skiing, Wakeboarding or driving and riding in our boats, you can be assured the power plant is the perfect combination.

3x Award Winning Raptor Series

Introducing the Raptor Series by Indmar, the three-time award-winning suite of engines based off a proven workhorse, the 6.2L SOHC V8 Super DutyFord block.

Engineered specifically for severe applications in a marine environment and with the capability and durability to accommodate all your boating activities. Thanks to the Raptor Series dual personality, this suite of engines has the adaptability to meet the demands of the most unforgiving marine conditions. And with more than 10,000 hours of extreme lab, durability and open water testing it has the durability and reliability you’re looking for.

Each engine in our exclusive line-up comes standard with Indmar’s high-performance pedigree that spans nearly a half a century with world record-breaking success. Each built on a foundation engineered to last and backed with a full 5-Year Factory Warranty When it comes to inboard marine power, there is no substitute for an Indmar. Power your boat with the number one selling inboard marine engine in the world.

Premium Upgrades That Come Standard

You will not find a long list of optional features available on the Raptor Series, but you will find a long list of premium upgrades that come standard without the added upgrade cost.


  • 6.2L 16V SOHC V-8 Ford F-Series Super Duty Block
  • Closed Cooling / Salt Specific
  • Overhead Cam
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Low Oil Level Monitoring
  • Water Flow Monitoring
  • Cylinder Head Temperature Monitoring
  • Fuel Pressure Monitoring
  • Wide Band O2 Sensors
  • Marine Specific Oil Pan
  • Single Outlet SS Hi-Performance Muffler Package
  • 95 Amp Hi-Output Alternator
  • Emissions Better Than 4 Star Regulation
  • Full 5-Year Factory Warranty (I believe this excludes the 360)



Routine maintenance is painless thanks to Indmar’s easily accessible remote mounted oil filter, quick-drain oil system and hi-mounted oil fill. The Raptor Series comes standard with dual, long-life spark plugs that not only improve combustion but also extend the spark plug service life to 300 hours.


The standard closed cooling systems makes winterization a snap with self-draining manifolds. There are five easy access drain plugs. Technicians do not have to drain the block, only the heat exchanger, raw pump and transmission. The raw water pump is also self-draining.


Provides level of diagnostics if customer does not have proper fuel flow. Aids the technician in a more accurate and quicker diagnostic.


Transmission and engine coolers are located with the heat exchanged and located in a position that makes it easy to check fluid levels. The oil filter also has easy access custom canister with the engine oil cooler.

For added convenience, these components are also hi-mounted:

  • • Oil Filter Alternator
  • • ECM Diagnostic Connector
  • • Fuse Box Inlet Air Temperature Sensor
  • • Heater Hose Flame Arrestor

The hi-mounted alternator, flame arrestor and fuse/relay box are not only easily accessible at the top of the engine but are under the engines beauty cover for extra protection.

In addition, the ECM is not only hi-mounted but it features one plug and is far from the bilge which provides added protection and a quick connection for diagnostics.


Best-in-class Torque, horsepower and fuel efficiency

Based on Ford’s 6.2L SOHC V8, a proven workhorse, the Raptor 400 boasts some serious low-rpm torque at a staggering 400 lb-ft. The Raptor 400 has proved itself under extreme loading and in more extreme conditions than you are ever likely to experience.

With best-in-class torque, horsepower and fuel efficiency the Raptor 400 was purpose built specifically to quickly plane today’s modern 20’–22′ boat offerings with factory ballast.

  • 404 lb-ft tof Torque
  • 350 Horsepower
  • Closed Cooling
  • 89 Octane Unleaded (Maximum 10% Ethanol)
  • Semi Synthetic 5W-30 Oil Meeting API Rating SN



When you follow your instincts and passion for performance, the results are undeniable. Meet the all-new fuel-sipping Raptor 440. The inboard marine engine that takes you further on every gallon of gas.

In a family of overachievers, where torque is clearly a dominant gene, this lil’ bro is nestled nicely in the middle between the ROUSHcharged 575 and base 400 engine. The Raptor 440 stands apart from all other inboards delivering best in class torque and Horsepower.

With torque on tap and premium features that enhance the driving and towing experience, the Raptor 440 is an exceptional choice to deliver the additional torque necessary to quickly plane larger boat models with factory ballast, plus additional loading.

  • 427 lb-ft of Torque
  • 398 Horsepower
  • Closed Cooling
  • 89 Octane Unleaded (Maximum 10% Ethanol)
  • Semi Synthetic 5W-30 Oil Meeting API Rating SN